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The Team

Daniel Mansaray
Dialectical Behavioural Therapist
Specialist Mental Health Physiotherapist

As a dual Dialectical Behavioural Therapist and Physiotherapist I combine physical and psychological approaches to provide holistic and individualised treatment. I specialise in helping people with/without an eating disorder rebuild healthy and meaningful relationships with exercise whilst addressing the eating disorder.

As a therapist I use a non-judgemental, and compassionate approach. I take into consideration all the different biological, psychological, and social factors that might be impacting you. In the process of our therapy together we will start exploring the development + maintaining factors of your eating disorder/disordered eating and how your relationship with exercise relates to this. Once we have a good understanding of these factors, we work towards you finding freedom from your eating disorder alongside rebuilding a healthy relationship with exercise. Our sessions will be goal orientated to help keep you motivated through recovery and to give you a clear vision of what you’re working towards.

Treatment approaches used:
-Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
-Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-E)

-DBT Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Professional background:
I am a HCPC registered specialist mental health physiotherapist and dialectical behavioural therapist. I initially qualified as a physiotherapist working across professional sport settings (boxing/women’s football), specialist paediatric settings and within psychiatric hospitals. I also set up a physiotherapy service within an inpatient eating/personality disorder service leading to a specialisation in mental health physiotherapy.


Further to qualifying as a physiotherapist I completed a postgraduate qualification in a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Kings College London. I have also trained in intensive Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and DBT Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD with ‘British Isles DBT’.

Outside of training I have lectured at the University of Brighton on the role of physiotherapy within early intervention mental health services. 

I have previously worked as a psychological therapist in a range of different settings including the ‘child and adolescent mental health service’ (CAMHS), community mental health services, eating disorder daycare services, and specialist inpatient eating/personality disorder services. In addition to clinical work, I have previously managed a combined physiotherapy and occupational therapy team in a specialist eating disorder and personality disorder service. 












BSc Dietetics
MSc Applied Sports Nutrition 


I provide a compassionate and holistic approach combining my speciality in sports nutrition and eating disorders. I use this approach to support people in their recovery from eating disorders, disordered eating, and aid in rebuilding a healthy relationship with food, exercise and themselves. 


There is a misconception that dietitians only talk about food and provide meal plans, but I am aware that eating disorders and disordered eating behaviours are rarely solely about food and require support with behaviour change. I provide an evidence-based approach to nutrition and eating disorder treatment; always explaining the rationale of approaches and practices that I use with clients, and educating my clients where possible, so that they can have the power to navigate through the misinformation on nutrition that circulates around our society and re-build trust in their food choices. 


I support individuals with eating disorders as well as recreational and high level athletes who may be struggling with the performance and physical pressures associated with their sports. I am a firm believer that improving performance doesn’t have to compromise health or damage relationships with food, and I am so passionate about changing the perception of ‘health and fitness’- leanness and aesthetics do not determine health or performance!


Professional Background:

Working as the sole dietitian in an inpatient eating disorder unit, I have supported many acutely ill patients in their recovery from eating disorders. This has given me experience in managing the clinical risks associated with eating disorders among a multidisciplinary team. I provided nutrition education groups as well as one to one sessions with clients where we explored food rules, fear foods and normative eating. I have also worked within private outpatient settings supporting individuals with disordered eating and eating disorders. 


I have also worked with recreational and high-level athletes to improve their performance and relationship with food. 

Elle Kelly (R.D, BSc, MSc)
Specialist Eating Disorder and Sport Dietician

Libby Woolgar 
Specialist Physiotherapist

I am a London-based, Chartered Senior Physiotherapist who graduated from The University of Brighton, with a wealth of experience spanning several different specialties, as well as two countries.


My holistic approach in physiotherapeutic treatment draws on my broad experience, allowing more individualised and tailored treatment sessions. I have a passion for ensuring care is non-judgemental, and widely accessible to different learning and communication styles and those who are neurodiverse.


My ethos is that recovery from, or management of, an injury, chronic pain, or long term condition, is an ongoing process - a journey - where safe and effective exercise can be one of the vehicles to support you. Our physiotherapy approach at EDEC always holds you and your personal goals at the core, working with you to discover the forms of movement that nourish your body and support your general wellbeing. 

Professional background

I began my Physiotherapy career working for the NHS, where I gained experience in acute medical wards including High Dependency and ICU, as well as A&E, Care of the Elderly, Neurological Rehab, Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. I then took my practice to New Zealand, where I specialised in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and completed extra training in Vestibular assessment and treatment.


I am also qualified in Acupuncture, Sports Massage therapy, Kinesiology taping and Pilates. My specific areas of interest include management of Chronic long term physical and mental health conditions, Chronic fatigue and Hypermobility. I have experience with treating musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries in those with RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) and disordered eating, and can help you to understand the ways in which nutrition and exercise intricately affect healing on a physiological level.  


We are fortunate enough to partner with some of the most highly rated individuals and services in the field of eating disorders/disordered eating and exercise. Our partners are external physical/mental health professionals and organisations who we liaise closely with and often refer clients to. Our partners include a range of sports dieticians, consultant psychiatrists and medical doctors.

Dr Nicky Keay
Medical doctor
Sports and Dance Endocrinologist

(Bio extract)

As Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at University College London and Research Fellow in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University, I conduct clinical research in sports/dance endocrinology. I am a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine and the British Menopause Society. I am a speaker on Dance Endocrinology for National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science and International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. I am available for advisory appointments in field of exercise endocrinology.

My aim is to redefine optimal health and fitness for the individual. My approach integrates all aspects of my professional clinical experience with my medical research expertise in Endocrinology and Sport, Dance and Exercise Medicine.

To find out more about Dr Nicola Keay and her services see her website:

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