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The ‘Recovery Boxing Club’ is for people recovered/recovering from an eating disorder and those with diagnosed/traits of borderline personality disorder, PTSD and complex PTSD. The overall aim of the club is to help people rediscover a healthy relationship with exercise and feel empowered through boxing. The sessions also focus on healthy ways to regulate emotion.



Our sessions have a big focus on building new social bonds with others. We want to counteract the isolation that the ED potentially created. We also acknowledge the power of social connection in improving wellbeing.


We encourage you to listen to your body during the session. If you feel tired then try and challenge yourself to take a rest, if you feel in pain then challenge yourself to stop etc.

Try and be present throughout the session.


Its crucial you have fun and enjoy exercise! An eating disorder can often take away the enjoyment. As part of rebuilding a healthy relationship with exercise we try to make the boxing classes fun and enjoyable.


Overall we want to improve your self-worth. Within the sessions we work towards improving confidence and self-belief. We also want to ensure people can get self-worth in other healthy domains in life and not just through exercise.


You may be set goals to achieve each session. The goals are based on challenging any unhealthy aspects of your relationship with exercise. For example if you always monitor your workouts using an app we might challenge you to not use the app during the session.


Having a safe and empowering community can be life changing. We want to create a validating space where people can be part of a shared journey towards recovery.

Requirements to join RBC


1. Complete a full psychological/physical risk assessment

(There's a chance you may be required to engage in some therapy sessions prior to starting to ensure we feel you’re at the right stage to join psychologically and/or physically)

2. Medical clearance from our team


Black prince trust boxing gym
Beaufoy Walk, London, SE11 6AA

Timing: Fridays, 3:30-4:30pm

Price: £10 a session

Contact us for more information

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